Thank you very much for your instruction it was very helpful indeed. We did come straight home and carried on with it so as not to forget everything. We thought we might attempt a few shots and download them and maybe return to you for some constructive criticism from a trained eye as it were! Will be in touch, and thanks for the invoice.
Kind regards, Trish & Phil – Burchill Interiors

I very much enjoyed your talk last night. Thank you very much. I’ve promoted your exhibition and workshops on the club’s Facebook page this morning. Hope the exhibition goes well.
Sue Hutton, Shepshed Camera Club

Big thanks. I really did enjoy the day out with you in the caves and look forward to doing more with the Smart phone!
Best wishes, Chrissi Newall

… Also thank you for a great workshop today… hopefully some good results to follow!
Kind regards Nicola Crocker

Thank you for today Dave, I really enjoyed it. ?I have been playing about with the RAW images with the Cannon software I have, but really want Photoshop now!
Maxine Morpurgo, Sea Caves Rocky shore etc September 1st 2012

Hi Dave. Thank you very much for the day yesterday; we all enjoyed the photography and the company. It was a good day out and I certainly learned some points from you. I look forward to welcoming you to Okehampton C C on the 10th.
Regards Martin Stephenson

Dear Dave, Thank you for your e-mail and letting me know of one of your courses.
I attended a few of your courses back in the days of Devon Arts Culture and the skills I gained have been useful ever since.? I am now writing for Popular Crafts and other craft magazines and have to take pictures which are used in publications.? I also have to present them in a story board as they are instructions to make something.
With best wishes, Debbie (Rag rugs)